Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Walk Through Baby Gate Safety for Stairs

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Our safety gate comes with 4 adjustable pressure bolts, which is very easy for quick installation: no tools required, no need drilling holes and no damage to your house wall. And the whole process of installation only takes a few minutes. Note: If the lock is too tight/loose to open, please properly adjust the top bolt wheels.

 Because of the adjustable designed bolts, our safety gate width can be adjusted from 29'' to 38.5''. It is a perfect solution for blocking hallways, stairs, doorway, entry ways or any other areas that you don't like baby/pet to enter. Note: Please check the width of your doorway, stairs or other areas before you place the order.

The pressured wall-mount, the simple and practical safety-lock design makes our baby safety gate function properly and durable. And the main structure was made of high-strength steel, which is very sturdy and durable for use. Besides, the white spraying coating on the surface also provides a good protection for the steel pipes.

 Designed with a one-touch release slide handle safety lock. A secure spring-loaded latch keeping gate safely closed when not in use. Easy one-handed open and close operation. The safety baby/pet gate can keep babies away from the dangerous kitchens or stairs while maintaining a modern appearance match with your decor.

Our safety gate door can be opened in two directions, forward and backward. And the width of the gate door is wide enough for most adults to easily walk through. Besides, this safety gate also features one-handed operation to open and close, so you can easily close the door with one arm while holding your baby or pets.

Petsjoy has been making quality safety gate for more than ten years, and this safety gate fence is one of our best selling products. It is very multi-functional, and because of the adjustable screws and expand panel, you can easily adjust its width. It can be used as a safety gate for stairs, doorway, for kitchen or outdoor use.

Our safety gate was made of heavy duty tubular steel which prolongs its lifetime, it can be used for years. Besides, it is very easy to be assembled and disassembled. No tools required, it can be installed within a few minutes. This is absolutely a fantastic addition to any home.

Goujxcy Easy Step Walk Through Safety Gate

This product has a double lock mechanism, which can prevent the door from opening without permission. This door has the function of automatic closing less than 90 degrees, plus or minus 90 degrees opening and closing mechanism, and has the function of 90 degrees stopping opening. You can adjust the width of the gate by turning the knob. This gate dimension is (43.25 x 31.5)" (L x H), suitable width of the door is (44-47.5)", the distance between the bars is 2.25" and the size of the door opening is 20".

Gate Dimension: (43.25 X 31.5)" / (110 x 80)(L x H), The Distance Between the Bars: 2.25" / 5.72cm, The Size of the Door Opening: 20" / 50.8cm

Suitable Width of the Door: (44-47.5)" / (111.76-120.65)cm (L x H)

Screw Length: 3.54" / 9cm

Weight: 10.8lb / 4.9kg

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The best high-end compact cameras

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As we go beyond the € 1,000 mark, we have been uncompromising on the image quality provided by the devices, the options offered and the ergonomics offered.

Both models are expert compact, which is a perfect replacement for hybrid or SLR cameras from enthusiastic and professional photographers looking for a more nomadic model.

Canon Powershot G1 Mark III X: the best high-end

This model has created a revolution in the professional compact market, being the first to combine APS-C sensor and zoom. And if its price brings it closer to the range of SLRs, it has on the latter the advantage of being much more compact.

Aesthetically, it is reminiscent of mini-SLRs, with a prominent viewfinder and a small handle. Its ergonomic design is inspired by Canon's EOS range, while being much lighter. It also incorporates resistance to dust and moisture.

The touch screen is swiveling, precise and efficient: navigation in the menus is easy and you can easily select a focus area with a simple touch.

The two knobs offered are fully customizable and give you the ability to easily create a compact 100% tailored to your needs.

The G1 X Mark III features Dual AF Pixel autofocus and Digic 7 processor, a combination giving it excellent focus responsiveness. Moreover, with the image stabilizer, it remains clear, even with a shooting in motion.

In terms of sensitivity, the grain begins to appear beyond ISO 1600, which is more limited than on some cheaper devices. Nevertheless, the G1 X Mark III is quite the road facing SLR cameras, thanks to the precision of its zoom.

By cons, we must admit that it is disappointing video: it does not offer recording 4K (but the full HD 60 fps), and no microphone or headphone jack. In this price range, it's quite unusual.

In addition, its connectivity is very complete: HDMI, remote control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, ability to recharge via USB.

In the end, while remaining easy to use, the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark III performs the feat of combining compactness, APS-C sensor and zoom. In our opinion, it is ideal for photographers looking for a multifunction camera that can replace their SLR without losing image quality, and that will allow them to travel light.

Fujifilm X100F: the high-end alternative

If this model has aroused curiosity at its release, it is thanks to its original combo between retro look and cutting-edge technological feats.

Its ergonomics go hand in hand with its look: it has a very mechanical approach to photography, with a non-orientable and non-tactile screen. The buttons are physical, and the device encourages the user to go through the EVF to control the shooting.

On the other hand, it should be noted that some keys are sometimes too small and close together to allow optimal fast management for everyone.

Most of the parts are metal and, if it is not waterproof, it is at least shock resistant.

Its autofocus is surprisingly fast, to the point of competing with excellent hybrid cameras. The efficiency and discretion of the firmware is quite admirable.

The performance of sensors, already noted by professionals on the X100, here take a facelift. Thanks to a new and innovative technology, the sensor can dispense with color filters. The result ? Sharper, more beautiful, and more balanced images.

Whether on autofocus or image quality, the X100F competes well with hybrids, although it is half smaller.

Sensitivity side, it allows a lot of leeway, since no grain appears at least 6400 ISO, and even at 12 800 ISO the result remains satisfactory (for a lambda user at least).

Finally, the video is also not strong, since it does not include a 4K recording (always a full HD 60 fps). On the other hand, it has the merit of proposing a catch microphone, which allows anyway to achieve pleasant shots.

The Fujifilm X100F has become a must. While its price is high, but its versatility can override much of the camera market, without burdened with a SLR.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

What are baby gates and baby fences?

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Baby gates and baby fences are fences that block babies from entering dangerous areas.

When a follow-up begins or a baby who starts walking does not know where it is dangerous. Therefore, if there is no baby gate installed, there is a risk that the baby will be injured. For example, toilets and baths are not good for hygiene and are dangerous if a baby gets in when they are not looking at it.

There are many other places in the house that are dangerous for babies. Therefore, the baby gate is a very useful item for babies who are still unable to judge the danger themselves.

We recommend that you install a baby gate so that your baby can live safely and securely.

Points and precautions when choosing a baby gate / baby fence!

There are two types of baby gates that can be opened and closed.

Let's choose the most suitable one depending on the installation location and purpose.

Type that can be opened and closed

The key to “openable and closable” baby gates is that they can be locked or released. Lock it when you want to prevent the baby from passing, and unlock when you want the dad mom to pass. By doing so, it will not cause any inconvenience in the life of dad and mom, but will also protect the baby from danger.

Be careful not to forget to lock the openable type!

If you forget to lock the “openable / closable” type, your baby will be able to pass. I usually think that it's okay because the baby can't pass, so be careful not to forget to lock it.

At present, the mainstream is that the door is automatically locked when the door such as an auto gate is closed. Moms and dads who are afraid of forgetting to close the lock should feel safe if they choose this type.

Straddle type

If there is basically a possibility that only adults can pass, the “strike type” is more convenient. It is also important to save the trouble of opening and closing each time you pass.

Since the “straddle type” does not need to be opened and closed, there is no need for a baby to pass through. If the baby is placed in a dangerous place, you can live safely.

Pay attention to the location of the straddle type!

In places where you often pass, there is a risk of losing balance if you carry heavy luggage or straddle your baby.

For this reason, it may feel a little inconvenient if you are traveling frequently.

The baby should not be at risk, so be careful if you often set up a “strike type” and hold your baby while you pass.

Also, if you have siblings, you may not be able to get over the height of the “Spanner Type” depending on the age of your child.

If you are an elementary school student, it is okay, but it will be difficult to straddle a child around 3 years old. In that case, the upper child will not be able to pass, so we recommend "a type that can be opened and closed".

Friday, September 20, 2019

Acceleration, range and driving experience

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The center of gravity of the model sits quite low, which improves the cornering enormously. In addition, the full suspension guarantees increased driving pleasure, even on bumpy surfaces.

To drive with the eFlux Freeride X2 is a lot of fun, because the engine has a total of 2000 watts and accelerates the electric scooter in a fairly short time to a speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour.

Here, the built-in battery works at a voltage of 60 volts, for a corresponding power supply. The battery system has 12 Ah and you get with the battery to a range up to 35 kilometers.

In addition, the model has the ECO mode, in which the speed is throttled to 25 kilometers per hour. By pressing a button on the steering wheel you can thereby throttle the maximum speed of the electric scooter, thereby saving a lot of energy and increase the range.

eFlux Freeride X2 brakes

The drive works very reliably, but this is not a wheel hub motor, but the power is transmitted from the electric motor via a chain to the rear wheel. As a result, the e-scooter has more wear parts and it may lead to a higher maintenance.

In itself, the electric scooter can compete with its competitors on the road, the driving experience is just great!

traffic safety
Road safety is very important for the eFlux Freeride X2 electric scooter. In road traffic, the headlights shine particularly bright and the rear lighting does a great job.

In addition, all materials of the eFlux X2 electric scooter were processed in a particularly high quality. This ensures increased safety.

Since this model is the most powerful street legal electric scooter, it also has very powerful brakes. As already mentioned, the brakes work very well in combination with the tires. As a result, the eFlux Vision X2 can be easily and safely braked and brought to a standstill.

Advantages and disadvantages
So that you can once again make a better overall picture of the eFlux Freeride X2 electric scooter before buying, we have compared the main advantages and disadvantages of the model again for you.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to choose the right shape desk for your office?

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Types of shapes
There are several types of desks that you can use in your office. The type of desk should depend on your budget, your needs and the size of your office space. If you have no room for a large desk, do not buy one.

Unfortunately, many people overestimate the size of their office space and underestimate the size of the desk they choose. When your desk comes in, you do not want to shock the supplier with a look that screams. When did my desk take steroids? "

When looking for the right desk for your office, you can:

U-shaped desk

Center Desk

Straight table


Benefits of every desk

Now is the time to consider the benefits that every desk offers. Before you make a quick decision, weigh the professionals and determine which desk would be more practical in your office.

The U-shaped desk offers plenty of work space for you. If you regularly schedule a heavy workload, this type of desk would be ideal. You can put a variety of items on the counter of the desk.

One of the disadvantages of a U-shaped desk is that it takes up a lot of space in your office. Make sure you have the place before you buy.

Often, people at work do not choose these desks because the cables that connect your computer and your phone are clearly visible.
A central desk can be moved and placed in the room, wherever he goes.
Central Tables The central tables sit in the middle of the room and occupy a lot of space in the middle of the room, but you have extra space in front of the desk and behind the desk.

Straight Desk The straight-lined desks sit against the wall and often anchor to the wall for durability. The desk is capable of storing a large amount of paperwork and is convenient because it takes up little space in your office.

The L-shaped desk is one of the most popular options and offers an extended storage space and desk utensils. The desk takes up a lot of space, so be prepared.

corner deskCorner desks help save space and fit into every corner of an office. They are ideal for home environments or small offices.

A corner desk is ideal in an office environment where you probably do not have any customers coming into your office. As you face the wall, it would not be ideal if you were staring at a client staring at your back while you speak.

When choosing a desk for your office, consider your needs and the dimensions of the office you plan to place in the desk.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Three Wheel Scooters for Adults - The Best Choice in 2019

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3-wheel electric scooters with seat

Deciding which electric scooter is best when there are so many different designs is not an easy task. The idea behind our best choices was to look beyond conventional mobility scooters and grocery shopping and offer few alternatives. These three wheels are fast, reliable, well built and a bit more stylish than your grandmother's Scooty.

Sport scooter EW-19
The EW-19 Sporty is a high-speed, long-range, high-speed scooter capable of speeds up to 15 mph and traveling up to 21 miles on a single charge. It features a bi-color body (red / black), stylish LED front lighting and a large, comfortable seat that's perfect for drivers of all sizes.

The EW-19 is equipped with an extra-large covered storage basket and 3 different speeds. For easy transport, the EW-19 is equipped with a folding handlebar and a removable seat. It was also delivered fully assembled and ready to roll.

MotoTec MT-TRK-500
The MotoTec Electric Powered Trike is powered by a 500W motor on the front wheel hub that allows you to reach speeds of up to 22 mph. You can drive this three-wheeled electric scooter in a sitting or standing position, making it very convenient for various uses: at events, safety and warehouse floor operations or simply for pleasure.

With a full charge, it can reach a range of over 20 miles. It is equipped with a 16 "front tire, two 9" rear tires and a removable seat. This personal transporter is easy to use with a rotary accelerator and drum brake system at the front. Comes standard with key, battery meter light, LED headlight and storage basket. The disadvantage of this 3 wheel scooter is that it is not delivered assembled, and editing can be difficult, mainly due to poorly written manual.

EW-11 Three-wheel moped
The eWheels EW 11 is a charming vintage-style scooter with a classic 1950s painting that will not fail to turn heads and recall memories. It also does not skimp on performance, with a top speed of 18 mph and an amazing range of 40 miles in a single charge. This scooter is packed with features like double mirrors, a retro style headlamp, a padded backrest and footrests for added comfort. The suspension of the front fork, combined with two rear shocks, ensures a smooth ride.

The EW 11 is equipped with a rotating throttle grip and hand brakes for quick stops. The EW-11 has all types of storage onboard: a large front basket, a compartment under the seats and a rear storage compartment. It is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm system and a remote-controlled key ring so that you can park your scooter and feel safe knowing that your scooter will not be stolen or used when you are not there.

If you're looking for a fast and powerful three-wheeled scooter, but can easily fit into the trunk of your car, this is the perfect scooter for you. The Glion SNAPnGo, produced by the same company behind the famous Glion Dolly foldable electric scooter, is probably one of the most portable mobility scooters available. It offers two different seating options: a comfortable chair with armrests that can slide forward and backward to accommodate different passenger sizes and that can rotate, and an optional travel bike seat. With a weight of 29 lbs, SNAPnGO can be quickly disassembled and folded in seconds. It can be easily loaded into a trunk of any size or even a rear seat. It can also be pulled like a wheeled suitcase. He can also stand alone when folded, with a footprint of only 2 square feet. It can reach a top speed of 6 mph, travel 15 miles on a single charge, and carry a rider weighing up to 300 lbs. It is one of the lightest 3-wheel scooters on the market, and offers the optimal combination of mobility, comfort and portability.

EW-21 Electric Trike Wide Tire
The eWheels EW-21, with its three-wheeled design and its resemblance to a Chopper motorcycle, is an excellent choice for all, whether you have years of experience with scooters or not at all. The EW-21 scooter can accelerate at speeds up to 18 miles an hour, and will run for around 30 miles at full load. The braking system is hydraulic and incredibly reliable, to make sure that you are as safe as possible when driving this electric scooter for kids. There is also an LED headlamp and reflectors on the rear fender to help improve visibility and safety while driving. This scooter has room for 2 people and a capacity of over 400 lbs, so you can ride with a friend while enjoying the music played by the Bluetooth speakers.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

How to find the best vlog camera for YouTube

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Vlog camera
A vlog camera does not always have to be small and light. Vlog cameras are available in different sizes, prices, with different sensors and interchangeable lenses. All together, the video comes out of the camera.

So whether you want to be mobile and log on the road, or set up a small YouTube studio at home. Every vlog camera has different qualities. A blanket answer, which is the best vlog camera, I can not give without further information. You first have to know what you want to do with the video camera, otherwise you will buy wrong.

In this article, you will not only learn what makes a good vlog camera, but also which is the best vlog camera for you. It may even be that a cheap vlog camera is better for you than an expensive one. But first I'll explain the basics to you, so that you understand what makes a good vlog camera and what you should pay attention to.
What is a vlog camera?
A vlog camera is a camera that is mainly used as a video camera, but can also take photos. Nowadays, a vlog camera is used for YouTube. At least in most cases. It should have an external microphone output and be able to record videos at least in Full HD = 1920 × 1080 pixels (aspect ratio 16: 9 = 2,073,600 pixels).

If you want to record yourself in action, rather than in a YouTube studio, a Vlog camera for YouTube should have continuous auto focus, image stabilization, and a swivel display.
Wiew Profile Vlog Camera