Thursday, September 5, 2019

SONGMICS Computer Desk Computer Desk Large L Shape for Office Furniture

I recommend it fast delivery. Unfortunately the carrier did not bother to ring yet I was home all day.

I was a little afraid to order because of the comments but I still ordered because the after sales service looked good. In the end I had no problem, office of very good quality, super easy to assemble even alone. Really a great buy especially for the price.

Excellent office
very good office
offices in white super pretty
Very satisfied, I bought this office for my son, a spacious side to do homework and the other for leisure.

The office is fully in line with the photo and description. It is very strong, easy to assemble. The manual is very well explained, and there is more than the necessary number of screws in case you lose it I think. The only concern is that the furniture arrives in two separate packages two days apart. This is not specified in the description so I was worried.

Specifications for SONGMICS Desk Computer Desk Large Form L for Office Furniture, Single Mount, with Sliding Keyboard Storage Shelves 140 x 120 x 75cm Black LCD810B
Large work surface comfortably extend your legs - The large work surface (140 x 120 cm) Depth: 48 cm allows you to work at your leisure. Sufficient for all your office business, multiple computers, printer, speaker, etc. A large space under the table allows you to extend your legs.
Convenient storage shelves - With two shelves, store your files, books and plants and say goodbye to chaos. This corner table can be placed in a corner taking up little space; ideal for creating a pleasant working environment.
Good longevity - The table, made of 15 mm thick chipboard, is sturdy, stable and durable. The maximum load is 150 kg. Its melamine finish is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, fade-resistant and easy to maintain.
Sliding keyboard support - Thanks to the silent slides, the keyboard support generates no noise. Dimensions of the keyboard support: 60 x 30 cm.
Simple assembly - An illustrated and explanatory installation instructions are provided. Numbered accessories allow you to easily identify them. The screw holes are pre-drilled. The necessary editing tools are provided.
Perfect packaging in two packages, fast delivery time (received 10 days before the deadline). No shock on the sides of the office, editing is fast and easy. Spacious office and pleasant as much to work as to play.

Office very practical and friendly, easy to assemble no complaints, my daughter is very happy with this purchase. Best SONGMICS Computer Desk Computer Desk Large L Shape for Office Furniture, Simple Assembly, with Sliding Keyboard Storage Shelves 140 x 120 x 75cm Black LCD810B Buy
- very nice office- very easy to assemble- it was the exact measurement of the corner of my room- very fast delivery- frankly very good office there you streamed.

Received in 2 packages very well packaged, deadline respected, easy assembly, simple, cheap and visual effect guaranteed, very happy with this office (for my son).

Despite a piece received broken, the seller's sav very quickly returned the piece (received within 48 hours), the assembly was quite simple and the office seems well made for occasional use.
Good quality as a whole for the price. Perfectly suited as a work desk with a computer for a teenager. Very easy assembly (30 min). Attention that the internal part of the angle of connection of 2 parts of the office is fixed only by 2 small plates of metal, very resistant certainly but fixed under the 2 upper boards of work by very small screws to wood of 1 cm maximum. 2 plates fixed by 4 screws in plywood, do not load the office here otherwise.

I bought this office to replace my old ca di person for the climb me I am a woman is I made them all alone apart from that I am very happy.


  1. 3 months ago, I was also afraid of ordering office furniture online. Actually, at that time I was thinking whether the furniture would be good or not. Well, then I ordered it by considering the reviews and images. Now, I can say confidently that I have bought the best office furniture till now. Well, yours is also good so I will share this to my friends.

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