Sunday, September 29, 2019

What are baby gates and baby fences?

Baby gates and baby fences are fences that block babies from entering dangerous areas.

When a follow-up begins or a baby who starts walking does not know where it is dangerous. Therefore, if there is no baby gate installed, there is a risk that the baby will be injured. For example, toilets and baths are not good for hygiene and are dangerous if a baby gets in when they are not looking at it.

There are many other places in the house that are dangerous for babies. Therefore, the baby gate is a very useful item for babies who are still unable to judge the danger themselves.

We recommend that you install a baby gate so that your baby can live safely and securely.

Points and precautions when choosing a baby gate / baby fence!

There are two types of baby gates that can be opened and closed.

Let's choose the most suitable one depending on the installation location and purpose.

Type that can be opened and closed

The key to “openable and closable” baby gates is that they can be locked or released. Lock it when you want to prevent the baby from passing, and unlock when you want the dad mom to pass. By doing so, it will not cause any inconvenience in the life of dad and mom, but will also protect the baby from danger.

Be careful not to forget to lock the openable type!

If you forget to lock the “openable / closable” type, your baby will be able to pass. I usually think that it's okay because the baby can't pass, so be careful not to forget to lock it.

At present, the mainstream is that the door is automatically locked when the door such as an auto gate is closed. Moms and dads who are afraid of forgetting to close the lock should feel safe if they choose this type.

Straddle type

If there is basically a possibility that only adults can pass, the “strike type” is more convenient. It is also important to save the trouble of opening and closing each time you pass.

Since the “straddle type” does not need to be opened and closed, there is no need for a baby to pass through. If the baby is placed in a dangerous place, you can live safely.

Pay attention to the location of the straddle type!

In places where you often pass, there is a risk of losing balance if you carry heavy luggage or straddle your baby.

For this reason, it may feel a little inconvenient if you are traveling frequently.

The baby should not be at risk, so be careful if you often set up a “strike type” and hold your baby while you pass.

Also, if you have siblings, you may not be able to get over the height of the “Spanner Type” depending on the age of your child.

If you are an elementary school student, it is okay, but it will be difficult to straddle a child around 3 years old. In that case, the upper child will not be able to pass, so we recommend "a type that can be opened and closed".

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